The 100 milkteeth* project was heidi sabertooth's performance art challenge to create, record and release a song a day for 100 consecutive days from March 1 - June 8, 2012.  A quest to learn, experiment, and collaborate - testing the boundaries of creativity.

Each song was written and recorded in one day using a beat machine/sampler, keyboard, voice and various wind and stringed instruments. It was then paired with public domain film footage inspired by the newly created song and released on this blog.  Several of the milkteeth songs were made in partnership with special guests from nyc's underground art and music community. Scroll down to hear and see them all. 
* milkteeth: noun. the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans and many other mammals: see also baby teeth.


DAY 100 

100 of 100milkteeth - lick your wounds

A BIG THANKS to everyone for listening and supporting -- much love!!  And of course, much much love to all who contributed to the project -- In no particular order: Mica Scalin, Tim Bulkley, Jason Meeks, Daniel Perez, Daniel Bara Lofredo, Lenny Posso, Smhoak Mosheein, Bryn Jackson, Hyatt Michaels, Megan Moncrief, Girl Griot..........

DAY 99  

099 of 100milkteeth - flow naturally

wow -- tomorrow we gotta bust out some real dance moves to celebrate 100

DAY 97  

097 of 100milkteeth - the slippery night  

wow - I am thrilled to present milktooth #97 - a collaboration featuring lenny posso and music from NYC's finest techno label, THEMA RECORDINGS! Lenny Posso, DJ and founder of THEMA, made an ambient mini-mix with tracks taken off various Thema releases (Adam Marshall, Imugem Orihasam, Ernesto Ferrerya, Population One, Suburb, Beaner aka Pablo Beaner Roman-Alcalá, Raudive, Cesare vs Disorder, Laurine Frost, and Mikael Stavostrand). It was GREAT subject matter -- I hope you like what I did with it for this song a day project:)))))

DAY 96 

096 of 100milkteeth - tell me if it's good

...yes - do tell me!

DAY 93 

he summer.. where did you go???  really. i want you back :)
093 of 100milkteeth - hey summer

DAY 92  

 ...I heard there was some big spaceship landing in the ocean today....really.  check the news.  but check my song first.... :)  GRAVITY!!

092 of 100milkteeth - gravity

DAY 91 brings a little trumpet, a beat, some nasty organ, a couple of playful SPIDERS...oh, and a sense of humor :))))))))

091 of 100milkteeth - untangled