milkteeth: noun. the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans and many other mammals: see also baby teeth.

The 100 milkteeth project was heidi sabertooth's performance art challenge to create, record and release a song a day for 100 consecutive days from March 1 - June 8, 2012.  A quest to learn, experiment, and collaborate - testing the boundaries of creativity.

Each song was written and recorded in one day using a beat machine/sampler, keyboard, voice and various wind and stringed instruments. She then paired it with public domain film footage inspired by the newly created song and released it on this blog and various social media channels.  Ten of the milkteeth were made in partnership with special guests from nyc's underground art and music community. Scroll down to hear and see them all. 


DAY 90 

 this one is named after my fav supermarket name EVER -- wow.  check out this crazy video footage...

090 of 100 - food dimensions

DAY 89 so so sossos  sooss sos sos ......

089 of 100milkteeth - cast all your fears aside

DAY 88 --- 088 of 100milkteeth - two sides

DAY 87 

....this was my EXACT nightmare from last night....luckily it had a fairly happy ending...  :)

087 of 100milkteeth - lucid dreaming

DAY 85 

 ...gotta say, I live in the BEST CITY!  this little hometown has my heart foreva.....

085 of 100milkteeth - i heart

DAY 84 

 .... in the flow....   :)

084 of 100milkteeth - a line has 2 sides

song 83 -- milktooth COLLABORATION!! :) 

we did it! another milktooth collaboration! me and my boy Daniel Lofredo Rota, a super talented multi-media guru of sorts made this here track 83...PLUS...he coaxed me to sit in front of my webcam for a second and he made this cool video - messing up my face -- so many of my FACE :))) fun! plz go check out the rest of his music and art at -- so good. thnx daniel!!!!!

083 of 100milkteeth - all my friends are solipsists


song 82 - DIVE 

 well, this started out all mood, on account of the rainy weather today...but in the end, I kinda think it became a chilled out DANCE TRK - guess there was still some beat left in me from the weekend -- haha.  I'll take it! :)

song 81 - heavenly bodies 

 I had no idea there was going to be a lunar eclipse tonight -- and yet I made this song -- coincidence??  I think not.  :)))))

081 of 100milkteeth - heavenly bodies

song 80 - cowboys and indians 

-- wow, how about all this ENDLESS SUNSHINE!!!  In this kind of weather, I would love to do everything this little boy is doing -- lay on the grass and watch the clouds, sprint through a forest, put a FROG in my POCKET....ya know -- looks really fun!  

080 of 100milkteeth - cowboys and indians