song 63 --

 --- ooooooooooohhhhh.....there's mad EXPLOSIONS in this one!!  :D

063 of 100milkteeth - in the concrete


day 62!

 Im a big fan of the occasional whistle solo -- so I have added one here, bent and diced up a bit -- plus, happy MAY DAY to everyone -- perhaps you will find shared sentiment in this video.....

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day number 61... and my guitar go interplanetary....

061 of 100milkteeth - above the line


day number 60 -- put a bird on it!!!

 WOW!  song number 60 really turned out happy -- plus, it features another milktooth collaboration with brooklyn-based video artist, documentarian and all around creative, Mica Scalin!  Check out the FRESH visuals - plus we really did PUT A BIRD ON…Read more

day number 59...

 ...and it is kinda gray and calm and a bit warm and cold at the same time outside -- perfect for some swoopy trumpet...

059 of 100milkteeth - erryday


day 58 - milkteeth collaboration!!!

What a fun day in milktoothland --- song #58 features an ALL LIVE RECORDING session with Bushwick-based musician/artist Smhoak Mosheein, who also lends his many talents to the duo Dub Know Dub, one of my favorite bands - those…Read more

day 57 -

 i like this lady a lot -- how she's giving that 'im not looking into the camera, but I know you're there and Im be super cute' 1960's hottness vibe.  haha. 

057 of 100milkteeth - be soft


song 56 - A-E-I-O-U

 man, this might be one of my favorite milkteeth so far....vocal samples, a beat, and a SWEET LITTLE SURPRISE coming out of that box... fun times.

056 of 100milkteeth - pet sounzz


song 55 --

 I think this song is inspired by those days when you enter a subway car and you suddenly look around and realize that everyone is looking and doing something completely crazy...each in their own unique, you gotta love the…Read more

song number 54...

 ...what a downpour last night!  I caught a little sample of the rain and put it in my song today - plus, I think you will agree -- these are the lightest, most adorable raindrops ever drawn...

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song 53....

 ...actually turned out pretty cheery, despite being inspired by the rainy weather here in new york today....

053 of 100milkteeth - the gray part