YAY! 100milkteeth has REACHED 75!!!!!

 WOW!  I can't believe it!  Thanks to all of the amazingly talented contributors thus far, and to come --- and to everyone who's been listening -- it's been so much fun!  Hope all have been enjoying too!  :)  Check…Read more

song 74 :)) its mothers day, ya'll! honor of my beautiful mamarose, a wonderfully talented organist and all-around musician, I fired up my old HAMMOND organ, threw on a BEAT, and let her ya ma! :))))))

074 of 100milkteeth - mamarose


song 73....


073 of 100milkteeth - techno-logy


day 72

 I needed something light today....

072 of 100milkteeth - slight of hand


number 71 --

my dreams are TIGERS...and men with guns and explosions, really...I don't know why!  I guess that explains the HEaVy DRUmS.....

071 of 100milkteeth - my dreams are tigers


070 of 100 milkteeth --

.......this is my brain. this is my brain on music..........any questions?  :) :)   for any of you out there young enough to get that reference :)


day 69 --

 some backwards strings, a chilled beat, and some seriously impressive ICEBERGS!!  nice...


day 68 --

 ...this was a fun song to make...and fun video footage to find!   personally, I would like to see more guys rocking this golden lone ranger/top hat look these days....just a thought... :)

068 of 100milkteeth - already wandering


day 67...

 ...oh wow -- it was a weird day!  I made some twilight-zone carnival type music -- at least I found some somersaulting birds that sort of match the bizarre flavor of this particular milktooth :)  they're pretty cool....

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day 66 --

 --- more explorations in COLOR today -- KALEIDOSCOPIC!!!  bringing me through these gray days in nyc....

066 of 100milkteeth - all broken up


sixty-five.... that's a pretty little number when it's written out, if I may say. :)  maybe I'm just glad to be well over the half-way mark!  ....  ANYWAY.... today's song is another milkteeth collaboration featuring the video art of J4kd…Read more

oh, 64....

 dear little 64....I am sorry I forgot to post you on my website.  once again, I placed attention on facebook and twitter over my own little page....when will I learn?  Trust me, it's not you, is ME....

although your…Read more