DAY 87

....this was my EXACT nightmare from last night....luckily it had a fairly happy ending...  :)

087 of 100milkteeth - lucid dreaming


DAY 86

 -- but only 14 to go!!!


DAY 85

 ...gotta say, I live in the BEST CITY!  this little hometown has my heart foreva.....

085 of 100milkteeth - i heart


DAY 84

 .... in the flow....   :)

084 of 100milkteeth - a line has 2 sides


song 83 -- milktooth COLLABORATION!! :)

we did it! another milktooth collaboration! me and my boy Daniel Lofredo Rota, a super talented multi-media guru of sorts made this here track 83...PLUS...he coaxed me to sit in front of my webcam for a second and he…Read more

song 82 - DIVE

 well, this started out all mood, on account of the rainy weather today...but in the end, I kinda think it became a chilled out DANCE TRK - guess there was still some beat left in me from the weekend --…Read more

song 81 - heavenly bodies

 I had no idea there was going to be a lunar eclipse tonight -- and yet I made this song -- coincidence??  I think not.  :)))))

081 of 100milkteeth - heavenly bodies


song 80 - cowboys and indians

-- wow, how about all this ENDLESS SUNSHINE!!!  In this kind of weather, I would love to do everything this little boy is doing -- lay on the grass and watch the clouds, sprint through a forest, put a…Read more

song 79 - through the crowd

 hmmm....i wish i had the power to speed up city-walkers in real life....that could come in handy!  but,'s song 79!

079 of 100milkteeth - through the crowd


song 78 -- if

 well, I am trying new things toward the end of this project!!  this one is like a cute little high school choir song, with an EDGE...and also a bit of a counterpoint failure (for all of you music school geeks…Read more

day 77 -

 the light has SOUND!!!!

077 of 100milkteeth - light / sound


song 76 - drift on

 I want SUMMER right now...and I also want a pet sea turtle like the one in the middle of this video -- I would name him Gilbert...ah, but anyway....

076 of 100milkteeth - drift on